I love what I do. But I'm not very good at explaining what that is.


That's because what I do is always changing. In the very best of ways.

One day, I may be putting together a storyboard for an internal brand image campaign. Developing a brand standards guide. Figuring out a 10-day shoot schedule for a brand photography library. And the next, I'm on-location, working with wardrobe to ensure the brand color palette is being pulled through in photography. Or on a casting call. Or recording voiceover for one of our many campaign tactics.

 The variety is what keeps me excited + ready to crank out new ideas every day.

I'm a writer. A designer. A go-getter. A firestarter. 

I'm conduit — making connections between my clients and the people who can bring their ideas to life in the best, most budget-conscious ways.

I'm passionate. About most things. But especially about art, design, color, my family, exploring the great outdoors and St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

Specialties: Strong writing skills, concepting, big-picture thinking, brand development + management, experienced in creating, developing + producing integrated campaigns, including broadcast and social media integration. 

In addition to award-winning design + copywriting skills, team building + management experience, I can sell an idea. (And I can recognize when an idea is not worth selling.)

I successfully direct multidisciplinary teams, including photographers, producers, printers, freelancers, writers, creative directors, developers + interactive designers.