Everyday Victories TV Series // 2013

This fun, lively + engaging TV series was designed so that these :15 spots — which highlighted the hospitals key service lines — could bookend commercial breaks for maximum impact. The :15 spots were also ideal for use with web + social. These spots continued to build on the Everyday Victories story we began telling five years ago, while evolving the look, feel + personality of the St. Mary's brand. 

My role was to concept, pitch, write, design, develop + produce these spots, from initial concept, to overseeing the still photography, shot in studio, to directing the post-production of the spots with the animation house, which included working with a composer to find the perfect music for these spots — tracks that carried the same recognizable theme, but provided variety to avoid wear-out with the repetition with which the spots would be seen. 

The result was a campaign I'm very proud of — a campaign which required an innovative approach to production to keep costs manageable.