Brand Photography Library

The Christ Hospital Health Network underwent a massive rebranding effort that required more than just a new campaign. It required a refresh of their brand, system-wide, which included a new brand photography library of images that could be used in marketing efforts, both internal and external. This was no small task, and it involved an incredible amount of coordination to bring it all together, shooting both lifestyle and clinical photography that not only represented the new brand, but also could remain current for years to come. This was one of my favorite projects, because the result reflected the effort of a multidisciplinary team of photographers, stylists, brand managers and creative thinkers who all worked together to bring a vision to life. (Plus, we spent nearly two weeks together shooting, which forged new and lasting friendships.)

My role was to concept the approach for the entire shoot and provide reative direction throughout the shoot, from determining scenarios, to characters + key players, location + props review, casting, wardrobe + edit. All images shot by Todd Joyce,