Telling a Story — For the Better

Digestive Care Center is a unique practice in Evansville, Indiana, bringing gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons together into a single practice. But that's not what makes them unique — it's their personality, a perfect blend of genuine, humble and approachable physicians who take what they do very seriously — but, thankfully, not themselves.  We started by developing a positioning that would help convey the authenticity and approachability of the team, which was the inspiration for our tagline "For the Better."


TELEVISION // The campaign kicked off with two :15 television spots that introduced our new brand tagline:

RADIO // We had a lot of fun with this :60 radio spot, which promoted the dedicated urgent care:

WEB VIDEO // To continue the story of this incredibly brilliant, genuine + funny group of gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons, we produced three videos to promote their team, their procedures and the dedicated urgent care. We also created brief intro videos for the Digestive Care Center website, so patients could 'meet' their physician before their first appointment.